The Children’s General Hospital Dr. Pedro Elizalde is the oldest in Latin America. But it was not always a hospital. It was open on August 7, 1779 as the “Children’s Home of Buenos Aires”. Its original name was because it housed orphan children, who were abandoned in the streets or at the doorsteps of churches. At that time, the original building had a device called “lathe”: a rotating wooden frame, where women abandoned their children. They rang a bell attached to the wall and an employee, from inside the building turned the device and received the child without seeing who had left the baby or child. Since its creation, it had various administrations: the Brotherhood of Charity, the Charity Society managed by women of the aristocracy, until finally it became a Children’s Hospital in the year 1961. In 1920, it was renamed as “Casa Cuna” and was directed between 1935 and 1946 by Dr. Pedro de Elizalde, a doctor who introduced the method of identification of newborn children, which is used until now. Nowadays the name of the Hospital is Pedro Elizalde in honour of its well-known director but it is also known by its traditional name “Casa Cuna.” (House Cradle) “Casa Cuna Cuenteros” (“House Cradle Storytellers) adopts just the popular name with which this emblematic hospital is still known.